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» "Understanding Flow Society" – The Idea Book

As mentioned in the About Page, one of the main goals of this site is to create a book for increased understanding of The Flow Society. In this page, an outline and synopsis of that book will emerge during the course of events – along the series of webinars/seminars.

The working title of the book:

“Understanding The Flow Society – Where Are We Heading?”

Below, you find a link to a first draft of a book cover, including an equally first draft and suggested outline/table of contents, ending with a back cover summary on the aim of the book, drafted as follows:

“Our society is undergoing a profound transition, what could be intuitively summarized as going from a ”Structure Society” to a ”Flow Society”. In a series of articles and essays Anders Abrahamsson has been covering this topic through his works as a member of Social Media Club Editorial Team. This book is a result of taking all these articles and let them undergo heavy rework and editing to make one volume of thinking and ideas for further collaborative discovery of what the flow society ”is”, and especially place ground for wise decisions and actions on how and what to do to survive, live and prosper in it. Its practical consequences. But, as someone said – nothing is as practical as a good philosophy. And this book is a humble attempt to make some temporary conclusions to build upon for further insights to be made about the society we live in. From hunters and gatherers, to farmers, moving our way through two waves of industrialism, we face what maybe is the core of the ”post-modern state” – a society in flow.

Get into the flow – read this book!”

Understanding Flow Society – Book Cover Draft