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In an attempt to capture what this site is all about, here is a tweetable one-liner:

A web-space for co-exploration to understand and conceptualize a society in profound transition – in idea and practice.”

The Flow Society is a concept that has been subject for a series of systematic postings through an article series via the Social Media Club Editorial Team by Anders Abrahamsson, as a way to open up a joint conversation in order to cultivate our understanding of a society in deep change. It has now reached the level to take these initial monthly writeups from last summer to the next level, and merge them together in one piece, a monograph with a working title:

“Understanding The Flow Society – Where Are We Heading?”

If this is the “theorizing”, there is also a practical “how-to” companion intended to emerge in parallel:

“How to Survive, Live and Prosper in the Flow Society – #FlowDoneSystem and Other Practical Clues.”

This stream and future book, and the corresponding seminar/webinar series, focuses how to get on top of things going, and how to organize yourself and yourselves, in a world in constant flux. The first seminar/webinar loop is intended to reach those who want to be evangelists and coaches for the integrated approach I have been developing through the years.

The Flow Society Seminars – April/May/June 2012

Currently, preparations are made to introduce a series of seminars/webinars for interested parties to participate and influence the development of above projects, and to build an engaged community for curious and interested minds and spirits to join the co-discovery and the furthering of conceptualization of The Flow Society and its practical implications.

Order of postings and development

Above titles will emerge and develop, with a loop as follows. First a series of postings are published (where the initial theorizing frame is set by the postings so far). Beyond these postings, they are collated and merged together following a Table of Content / Outline of Chapters set by the fixed pages on this site. When mature, they will be published in PDF format and other pad-friendly formats, adapted for modern electronic reading gadgets, and intendedly also going in print.

Writeups vs Project News

There is a related ring of projects in connection to the Flow Society Discovery. You find them updated and summarized in the April contribution to Social Media Club Editorial Team – “The Flow Society Projects 2012 – An (Inter)Action Report”.

The postings on this site is focusing editorial development as such – and will probably be updated in chunks when a full series of articles has been published elsewhere, as was the case with the first loop of postings. Also, news about the project(s) as such, will be introduced on the Personal Community Hub of Anders Abrahamsson, in the category #TheFlowSociety. This is also syndicated in the bottom widget here on this site.

Contact and Follow

If you want to contribute to the development, or even participate in the webinars (globally – virtual) or seminars (locally – Norrköping), contact the community developer and coordinator of the efforts – Anders Abrahamsson. You can use the contact form below.

Follow @TheFlowSociety so you get the streams from this space, and elsewhere, in the build-up of the above, and check latest news in the bottom widget “The Flow Society Project – News and Updates”.