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This article was written on 01 Apr 2012, and is filled under News and Updates.

Postings and repostings – here we go!

Following this posting, is a number of repostings – as is. This will repost all writeups I so far did in the name of “The Flow Society” – also the first Swedish posting I did about “flödessamhället”, the first posting overall on topic.

This will constitute the raw material for a manifesto-like eBooklet encouraging us all to co-discover further all different aspects of the Flow Society. And getting practical too, moving towards “How to survive, live and prosper in the Flow Society”, deserving its own volume beyond the increased understanding of the “flow society” as such.

They will be the first postings in their respective categories as well – to which I dedicate a separate posting.

Beyond the reposting, a revisit, re-edit and adaption/reshuffeling of texts will begin to find a monograph structure, posted – one page at a time.

As said.

Here we go!

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