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This article was written on 28 Feb 2012, and is filled under Introduction, News and Updates.

Hello world! This website in public alpha 0.1 – “in the flow”

“Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

One thing to state, before anything else. There are zillions of driving forces of the profound development towards a “Flow Society” in full. WordPress (and Open Source in general) is one of the deepest in impact.

So let’s play hommage and tribute to “WP”, and let the “original welcome phrase” of the Default Installation of WordPress just hang there.

Now – follow @TheFlowSociety#TheFlowSociety for a conversation on that topic, which will be curated and developed from this webspot.

Where it goes, we don’t know.

I am here to try to find a flow of that meta-conversation for deeper collaborative insights, and hopefully smashing epiphanies and breakthroughs of the “understanding” of what still hangs mostly to be intuitive of the “concept” of “flow society”. Because, in order to explain, and take practical implications of something, you need to at least understand it at enough level to “act” upon it.

You found this space. You’re invited!

As for now, this intro posting, and a minimal About Page, is all “there is”. Here.

More, elsewhere, T. B. U. To be updated!

The community developer musings and systematic clue-search/generation are found here – With latest posting on topic – today!

“How to survive, live and prosper in the Flow Society”

See you around!

Stay Tuned!

community developer

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