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» The Flow Society Projects 2012

Related to the generation of insights and inspiration for conversation and collaborative understanding, are a number of projects. In summary, they are described here, and linked;

#TheFlowSociety – This is the Generic Curative Collector of the Conversations and Insights generated around the topic as such – and has its home on

#FlowSocietySeminars – This is a series of “brainjams”, physically (hyperlocal) and virtual through webinars and web meetings, for collaborative insight driven by the ‘hive mind’ – current sessions listed on the web above

#FlowDoneSystem – This is a method and approach taking the best of worlds of all the productivity and efficiency techniques, in an own remix open for development, and using a series of web and mobile applications, giving a great clue to “how to survive, live and prosper in the flow society”

#PomodoroMix – This is a musical project helping you to enhance focus when you come to the “doing”, helping you to reach your own “flow” to the heights, depths and strengths – helping you to stay “in the zone”

They are reported and updated here (April 2012) – via Social Media Club Editorial Team:

“The Flow Society Projects 2012 – An (Inter)Action Report”