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Understanding a Society in Profound Change

The Flow Society Projects 2012: An (Inter)Action Report

  After spending my thinking-and-writing energy on the idea complex related to The Flow Society from last summer up until March this year, I went down for some practical applications. And now we’re rolling! I just want ...

Jan, 08 · in News and Updates

How to Survive, Live and Prosper in the Flow Society?

So, I have tried to outline some strands of conversations to try to understand “The Flow Society”. I hope by now you have gotten my main point. I don’t understand it! I do not have a ...

State of The Flow Society 2012 (or A Speech To My Community of Readers In The Flow)

”The next revolution – World War III – will be waged inside your head. It will be a guerrilla information war fought, not in the sky or on the streets, not in the forests or ...

Apr, 01

Towards a Flow Society In Full – An Ode To The Past and Coming

  Prelude (Andante): Pow! There it goes. Well, almost – I mean – 2011. And – Wow! What a year. Let’s make 2012 even better. Like that. Pow-wow. It has come to the time Beyond ...

Apr, 01

#FlowTrade – New directions for goods, services and capital in the hands of the people, for the people

“When the dolphins decide to swim and play together, the sharks has no chance” - Unknown In a couple of entries, I have delivered some essays in attempt to conceptualize and understand a societal change summarized in ...

Apr, 01

Here comes the Flow Workers! With why and how in focus (whenever, wherever)

The author Anders Abrahamsson – In the Flow (in between writing Part Four and Part Five of this article) You are going to get notes on the where and when in this write-up on the Flow Society. The process is the point. ...

Apr, 01

Let Us Co-Discover the Flow Society – what are the sub-themes?

In my last monthly entry I introduced a conversation about what prospectively could be meant with ”The Flow Society”. In the much-repeated claim that we undergo a great ”paradigm shift”, you always have to ask yourself “from” where and ...

Apr, 01

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  • The Flow Society Seminars – From the Lab and Beyond May 7, 2012
    One of the core activities to drive the conversation and insight generation forward regards the understanding of the Flow Society is the series of Flow Society Seminars. As reported lately through the Social Media Club and a contribution I made via the Editorial Team – “The Flow Society Projects 2012 – An (Inter)Action Report” – I intend to give a series of […]